Singapore's Oldest Medicated Oil and Balm Company

Singapore’s Oldest Medicated Oil and Balm Manufacturer and Singapore’s First and Largest manufacturer of crocodile oil

The Singapore of Records confirmed the above statements in a certificate which they awarded to us.


Skin Series

Protect and repair your skin with our Skin series products. Proven solutions for a wide range of skin conditions.



Aromatic & Therapeutic Series

A number of the products from our Aromatic & Therapeutic Series bring quick relief for your muscles, joints and nerves. Some of the products revive and refresh. All are efficacious with long lasting effects.  A treat for the senses.



Traditional Remedies Series

Our products  have withstood the test of time and each has a huge following of  loyal users from across generations. Read on to find out which product suits you best.



Condiments Series

There is a very wide range of condiments available in the market. At Chop Wah On, as our focus is on the manufacture of medicated oil and balm and a selected range of cosmetic-related products, we only have a small range of condiments available in our Factory Retail Outlet. Nonetheless, in keeping with our practice, the range of condiments available in our shop is of the best quality . Our Herbal Bak Kut Teh soup preparation is of " best-in-class" quality.



Our Heritage

Our Founder, the late Mr. Tong Chee Leong emigrated from NanHai, Guangzhou, China (南海,廣州, 中國)to Singapore in the 1900's. He was dismayed to see many of his fellow emigrants suffering from sickness and injuries due to poor living conditions, over -work and the lack of medical care. He noted that many herbs and spices  from Asean, India, Sri Lanka etc were exported through our entrepot to  Europe and USA. At the same time, many essential oils produced from these herbs and spices were imported from these countries.

Using his knowledge and  experience as a herbalist he blended : Red Flower Oil (紅花油),Eucalyptus Embrocation (白樹油)and Citronella Oil (香茅油)to help his fellow emigrants. These products were very well received.

In 1916, he founded Chop Wah On(華安藥行) at No. 67, Pagoda Street,in  Chinatown to sell his products.  The rationale for selecting the name Wah On (華安)as the name of his business was his vision and belief that Chinese emigrants人 will live and work in peace 居樂業 in Singapore.

Many emigrants, sea-men, samsui women (三水女士)brought these medicated oils  back to their families and friends in China. This is one of main reasons why Singapore acquired its reputation as the place for good quality medicated oils and balms.

With his passing, his son, Tong Seng Mun took  over the helm of the business and added to the range of medicated oils and balms .These included Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100% (華安握手商標鰐魚油),Pepo Embrocation Oil (百花油). Now into its 3rd generation, Chop Wah On stood the test of time and now has more than 25 items in its product range. These include : Shake Hand Brand  Bee Apitherapy (握手商標峰遼), Shake Hand Brand Miracle Lady Cream (握手商標貴婦膏),Shake Hand Brand Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil (握手商標 老風活絡油)and others.

Our factory retail outlet is now at :No. 34, Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340. Tel : 62234349. It is a 3-storey conservation shophouse. We have 4 factories in Eunos and Sims Avenue where all our productions are done. We are also on Lazada, Shopee and Q-10.


Customer Accolades

I have been using the Eucalypthol Balm for 3 years and it's amazing. I came all the way from London to buy this. Very good. Thank you and all the best.

A.Jay. Bhambhani (London)

Your product is the best!!. I used it for 10 years.

Orm-A-Nong Witchucharn




Shake Hand Brand Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil

It's the coolest name product. I workout alot and I hear it's the Best. I came all the way from Canada for this. 


I used the crocodile oil on my 6 month old baby for his eczema. This is the only oil/cream that can substitute his steroid. ( Yes, he was administered with steroid since he was 2 months old.) I’m glad this works. Highly recommenced to all, young and old!

Mrs Chia, Singapore, Jurong

I have been suffering from spurs in my neck for many years and have tried many types of medicated oils, balm and plasters with no relief. Recently, a friend recommended that I use Wah On Shake Hand Brand Bee Apitherapy. After using a small bottle my condition improve significantly. I feel much lass pain from my spurs. Today I am at Chop Wah On to buy a large bottle of Wah On Shake Hand Brand Bee Apitherapy. I strongly recommend this product to others who are suffering from the same condition as me.